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Seeking a Team

  • I am planning a major solo art show called Mr. Yonko.
  • Mr. Yonko is my current series of fine art paintings.
  • I wish to make new oil paintings on large canvases 72" and larger.
  • My art style is called "Folk-Pop Art".
  • You can view Mr. Yonko at Mr. Yonko
  • I am seeking to cultivate a team to help bring the Mr.Yonko show to life.
  • If you are interested give me a call: 646-750-6184

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About Me


Who am I?

I am an American Slovak fine art painter who lives in New York City. I am a member of the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences. My Folk-Pop paintings use bright colors and comic-like imagery to make the viewer feel something special, every viewer has a different viewpoint. I like to paint in series of at least twelve to start with and keep on revisiting each series when I have an upcoming show or if a collector calls and asks for a painting in a particular series. 

    Saul Steinberg, Alex Katz, Tom Wesselmann and George Condo are a few of my fellow artists that I get inspired by. Old school and new school tools and techniques are used for my new works and are a mix of pen, ink, oils, and pencils and then brought into my ipad for the final prep for making the master painting.

An original one of a kind master digital painting is made then archived, cataloged and made ready for purchase.

Link to Sunday New York Times article: http://nyti.ms/1uuDcEi 

Television interview New York Art News

Yonko Kuchera

My Inspiration

I am little Johnny Slovak and I sit on a bench painting many wonderful paintings as many as I can. Never really fitting in with any social scene, I had to create my own little world the best I can. I make paintings of funny people and lots of silly things, this makes people think of larger things. When I feel the brush as I paint on wood it completes a circuit of cause and effect. As people see my paintings they feel joy and happiness. Oh, the times the called me Yonko and circled me in jest, I now embrace that name that was once a funny poke towards me. I now call myself Mr. Yonko the painter of many happy things.