Mr. Yonko is a series of fine art paintings by Yonko Kuchera

Seeking a Team

  • I am planning a major solo art show called Mr. Yonko.
  • Mr. Yonko is my current series of fine art paintings.
  • I wish to make new oil paintings on large canvases 72" and larger.
  • My art style is called "Folk-Pop Art".
  • You can view Mr. Yonko at Mr. Yonko
  • I am seeking to cultivate a team to help bring the Mr.Yonko show to life.
  • If you are interested give me a call: 646-750-6184

Fine art by Yonko Kuchera

Fine art by Yonko Kuchera

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Yonko kuchera

3117 Broadway #36, New York City, NY 10027, US

(646) 750-6184